Simple Yet Vital Crypto Security Tips for Beginners and Pros

Cryptocurrency is taking over the world – but you need to be safe when using it. 

Right now, there are over 300 million crypto users worldwide. On top of this, over 18,000 businesses are now accepting different types of cryptocurrencies as payment methods, such as the highly popular Bitcoin. 

As great as this is, it goes without saying that cryptocurrency comes with some risks. After all, everything is conducted online – and the internet isn’t perfect when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Because of this, it’s important that both beginner and pro cryptocurrency owners pay careful attention to their security measures. 

For example, when creating a wallet or exchange account, you must always use secure passwords that combine letters, numbers, and symbols. Want to learn more? Make sure to read the tips below.

What is Day Trading?

In simple terms, day trading is when you enter and exit a position in the market during the same day in an attempt to make a quick profit. 

If this is something you already do – or are planning on doing – then it’s recommended that you use a vwap strategy, which stands for the volume-weighted average price. This will help you to gain insight

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