Singapore delays satellite road toll system due to global chip shortage

Singapore has again pushed back the deployment of its next-generation electronic road pricing (ERP) system, this time, due to the global chip shortage. The satellite-based network is now expected to be rolled out in the second half of 2023, instead of end-2021. 

It was originally slated to be implemented from 2020, but this was delayed to early this year with completion set for mid-2023. The government then had pointed to the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains as the reason for the revised timeline. 

With the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) ERP network now anticipated to be rolled out only from the second half of 2023, it would mean a delay of almost two years before implementation works–spanning 18 months–would be completed. These will include the installation of a new on-board unit, to replace current in-vehicle units, which are mandatory for all registered vehicles in Singapore, with few exceptions that include vehicles that do not use public roads on the mainland or are subject to usage restrictions such as tractors and construction equipment.  

The on-board unit is described as “central” to the new ERP system, providing various services to motorists such as alerts on electric charging locations and real-time traffic data. 

The supply

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