Singapore embraces Zero Trust: A prediction comes true

One of my favorite parts of our annual predictions process is reviewing the accuracy of Forrester’s predictions from the previous year. This is not simply navel gazing. Looking backward actually makes us far better predictors, keeps us firmly grounded in the reality of our customers, and ensures that our predictions remain firmly embedded in reality. Some teams within Forrester even have a rating system, ranging from “completely missed the mark” to “nailed it.” I won’t lie that it is an absolute thrill when a prediction I’ve contributed to comes true, especially when it has the potential to positively impact our clients, the industry, or even society as a whole. 

Twelve months ago, we predicted that at least one Asia Pacific (APAC) government would embrace a Zero Trust (ZT) framework in the coming year. In keeping with our rating system, I’m happy to say we nailed it! Since 2009, when ZT was coined by Forrester, large technology companies have adopted it as their security model, and now the US federal government is following suit. In Europe, ZT went from concept to reality for many firms during 2020 and then accelerated in 2021 as COVID-19 hastened the death of traditional security models across the region. 


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