SMBs are rising to the challenge and turning to technology to help them get to the top

Image: Imaginima/Getty Images

It would be an understatement to say that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) around Australia have had to face a tough couple of years. But there are signs that this is a remarkably resilient cohort of businesses.

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A recent study revealed that 57% of SMBs in Australia and New Zealand have moved on from being in survival mode and are shifting to either growing or transforming their business. It also indicated that two-thirds of Australian SMBs are getting ready to bump up their IT spend in 2022.

“The majority of SMBs in ANZ are now optimistic about the future,” said IDC ANZ senior market research and IT services senior market analyst Emily Lynch.

“Cloud, collaboration, and cybersecurity are key pillars of investment for ANZ SMBs. These organisations are seeing the gains of these investments in improving productivity, time to market, and leveraging new digital technologies. Notably, we see that SMBs are deriving increasing percentages of revenue via digital channels.”

Amazon Web Services technology and customer solutions vice president Francessca Vasquez agreed, believing there will be an increased adoption of cloud and cybersecurity technologies by SMBs.

“SMBs if they’re looking to

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