Snag a 4-pack of Tile Mates for just $39 and never lose your keys again


Sometimes, I question if my keys and wallet are like the toys in Toy Story, having their own entities and tip-toeing away when I’m not looking. True or not, you’ve got a friend in item trackers — like the Tile Mate — which can be attached to virtually any personal belonging and serve as a location beacon when it’s gone missing.

Right now, Target has a 4-pack of the 2020 Tile Mates for just $39.99 . This bundle typically sells for $69.99 so you’re not only saving big, but essentially paying just $10 per Tile. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on the 4-pack offering and stock will be limited depending on your location, so act fast.

$30 off Tile

The Tile Mate (2020) is a tried-and-true gadget that, from my personal experience, works just as well tracking bags, wallets, and ID badges, as it does keys. Once paired to your iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to ping your Tile-attached item to sound an alarm. The tag also doubles as a phone-finder, triggering a sound notification from your mobile device with a press of a

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