Some QCT servers vulnerable to 'Pantsdown' flaw say security researchers

Researchers have disclosed the existence of the critical “Pantsdown” vulnerability in some Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) server models. 

On Thursday, cybersecurity firm Eclypsium said that several servers belonging to the data center solutions provider were still vulnerable to the bug, which has been publicly known for years now. 

The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-6260, was first discovered in January 2019. At the time one security researcher described it as “the nature of feeling that we feel that we’ve caught chunks of the industry with their….”

CVE-2019-6260, issued a CVSS severity score of 9.8, or critical, is a vulnerability in ASPEED Baseband Management Controller (BMC) hardware & firmware. AHB bridges, in particular, can be exploited for arbitrary read/write access, leading to information leaks, code execution, data tampering or theft, or denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. 

At the time of disclosure, Pantsdown impacted multiple firmware BMC stacks including AMI, SuperMicro, and OpenBMC (up to v.2.6).

Exploits exist in the wild that harness the Pantsdown bug, potentially placing enterprise servers at risk. 

According to Eclypsium, some QCT server models are still vulnerable to CVE-2019-6260. The team tested a QuantaGrid D52B rackmount server containing update package version 1.12 — with a release date of 2019.04.23 — and BIOS version

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