Sophisticated Cyberattack Hits GiantPay

GiantPay, the UK umbrella payroll enterprise has recently confirmed being a victim of a complex cyberattack. The GiantPay cyberattack is referred to as “sophisticated”.

The GiantPay Cyberattack: More Details

The GiantPay cyberattack took place last week, on the 22nd of September Wednesday. Its consequences made the big company, Giant Group aka Giant Pay close its network down, these including:

E-mail systems Phone systems IT infrastructure

The impact of the attack prevented IT contractors last week from contacting the enterprise or finalizing tasks related to payroll.

Giant Group was the victim of a sophisticated cyber-attack on September 22nd. International law firm Crowell & Moring immediately put in place a team of experts in the US, UK, and Brussels who have been carrying out necessary steps as part of the ongoing investigation. Together, we continue to work with our insurers, the ICO, and the NCA on the investigation, alongside a number of other specialist advisers.


The enterprise motivated its delay in giving more details about what happened because of the reason that they expected the right time to be safe to provide updates.

If questions like who is behind or is it a ransomware attack come to one’s mind,

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