SpotCam Video Doorbell 2: A Ring-killer this is not

Dale Smith/CNET

The SpotCam is very similar to the Ring , but there are some differences. Overall, it’s not quite as good. There are some nice options, but does that make for a recommended purchase? Well…

Like all of the other competitors in the space, the SpotCam sends video to your phone when your doorbell is rung. My colleague Dale Smith over at our sister site, CNET, found that SpotCam notifications sometimes didn’t come through

I had better results than Dale with my notifications. That’s probably because I immediately turned off the motion notification settings, since we live on a relatively high-traffic street. If I were to get a notification every time a car went by, I’d get nothing done.

This is a good news, bad news kind of product. The good news is that the box includes a ringer that you can plug into any plug in your house. The ringer is not an add-on purchase. The bad news is that the SpotCam has spotty performance as a video doorbell.

Here’s an example. I work upstairs. When someone rings the doorbell, I can hear the plug-in chime. But my phone doesn’t know there’s anyone

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