Sugar daddy dating site CEO uses his own creation to see the light

The unsweetness of love?


In a week when so many profess their love, I profess confusion.

I was intently ignoring the tawdry spectacle of Valentine’s Day when a press release muscled its way onto my laptop, claiming to smell like a rose.

The headline was joyous: “ Cuts the Sugar and Rebrands for Success-Minded Individuals Looking to Date Up.”

From ‘love doesn’t exist’ to ‘I’ll never divorce.’

A tricky maneuver, rebranding.

There’s always the suspicion that you’re running away from what you were before. Especially if you used to be called and your founder and CEO once declared that “love doesn’t exist.”

The clue to the rebrand, however, seems to lie in cutting the sugar., you see, was rather known for being the place for highly sweetened relationships.

Or, in the company’s own words: “What started as an elite dating site for finding honest, authentic connections based on success-minded interests has become misrepresented over the years, with the phrase ‘sugar dating’ taking on a more negative, transactional connotation.”

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Oh, the tragedy of misrepresentation. The ghastly nuance of cynicism polluting true love.

But now things have changed, says “the world’s largest upscale

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