SunVia bets that controlling your own identity will make the metaverse successful

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Startup SunVia believes that managing your own identity will be critical to the future metaverse. 

Identification will be the most important component in making the digital future work, and personal IDs will help individuals gain control of their data — taking it away from the big platforms. 

“Over the past 10 to 15 years, people’s digital identity has grown in importance; everyone now has a much larger digital life,” says Jay Walker, President and CTO of SunVia. “People want to be able to control their personal data and manage who has access to that data.”

The current political sentiment is focusing on curbing corporate access to personal data through new privacy laws, such as those in California. Advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to target individuals with relevant messages, but SunVia is betting there’s a solution to satisfy the stakeholders in this sensitive subject of data privacy.

What is needed, Walker says, is a more ethical relationship between consumers and advertisers, specifically regarding how personal data can be used. SunVia is working on tools that will help create that ethical relationship by enabling people to manage their personal data and grant or deny access to it.

Currently, there is no easy way for

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