Sysrv-K Botnet Targets Windows, Linux

Microsoft researchers say they are tracking a botnet that is leveraging bugs in the Spring Framework and WordPress plugins.

Unpatched vulnerabilities in the Spring Framework and WordPress plugins are being exploited by cybercriminals behind the Sysrv botnet to target Linux and Windows systems. The goal, according to researchers, is to infect systems with cryptomining malware.

The botnet variant is being called Sysrv-K by Microsoft Security Intelligence researchers that posted a thread on Twitter revealing details of the botnet variant.

Researchers said criminals behind Sysrv-K have programmed their bot army to scan for instances of the flaws in WordPress plugins as well as a recent remote code execution (RCE) flaw in the Spring Cloud Gateway (CVE-2022-22947).

“These vulnerabilities, which have all been addressed by security updates, include old vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins, as well as newer vulnerabilities like CVE-2022-22947. Once running on a device, Sysrv-K deploys a cryptocurrency miner,” said Microsoft Security Intelligence in a tweet.

We encountered a new variant of the Sysrv botnet, known for exploiting vulnerabilities in web apps and databases to install coin miners on both Windows and Linux systems. The new variant, which we call Sysrv-K, sports additional exploits and can gain

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