Taming the Digital Asset Tsunami

Rob Gurzeev, CEO and Co-Founder of CyCognito, explores external attack surface soft spots tied to an ever-expanding number of digital assets companies too often struggle to keep track of and manage effectively.

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and the devices, web services and cloud assets behind them are the lifeblood of modern businesses. But too often companies amass thousands of digital assets, creating an unmanageable mess for IT and security teams. Left unchecked, a single forgotten, abandoned or unknown digital asset is a cybersecurity timebomb.

Why should seeing and managing every single digital thing in your network be a priority? The odds are they are the fastest growing part of your organization’s infrastructure. Effective digital asset management – including IP address visibility – is your foundation to thwart an attacker’s path of least resistance into your network.

For the past two decades, security teams have focused on internal asset risk. Public-facing digital assets and IP addresses were part of the “DMZ,” a fortified and very limited perimeter to defend. But then came digital transformation, spurred by a global pandemic and an ensuing work-from-home trend, and network boundaries melted, giving way to the everything-is-a-hosted-service modern architecture of today.

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