Tech Giants to Team-Up on Open Source Security After White House Meet

Tech Giants to Team-Up on Open Source Security After White House Meet

Technology leaders met at the White House yesterday to discuss ways to improve open source security in the wake of the Log4j saga.

According to an official statement on the meeting, the discussion focused on three areas: finding better ways to prevent, detect and mitigate vulnerabilities in code and accelerate the deployment of patches.

“In the first category, participants discussed ideas to make it easier for developers to write secure code by integrating security features into development tools and securing the infrastructure used to build, warehouse and distribute code, like using techniques such as code signing and stronger digital identities,” noted the White House statement.

“In the second category, participants discussed how to prioritize the most important open-source projects and put in place sustainable mechanisms to maintain them. In the final category, participants discussed ways to accelerate and improve the use of Software Bills of Material, as required in the President’s executive order, to make it easier to know what is in the software we purchase and use.”

Participants at the meeting included Alphabet, IBM, RedHat, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Oracle, the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation and the Open Source

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