Telstra's biggest cyber worry is businesses with basic single vendor environments

Telstra’s biggest cyber concern is organisations that use “Microsoft-style” environments when it comes to preventing cyber threats.

“The place that concerns us most as an organisation … don’t read anything into the fact I’m going to mention the word Microsoft, they’re probably a Microsoft-only environment. They don’t have ERPs, CRMs, they are basically a Microsoft-style environment,” said Telstra Enterprise group executive David Burns, who gave a keynote to the Trans Tasman Business Circle.  

“How do we build [cyber resilience] into the tools of systems and networks that we provide … because I think we could all do the basics, and we should all do the basics but [cyber attackers] are very sophisticated players.”

He provided an example of how one of Telstra’s business partners, which he said used a “Microsoft-style” environment, suffered a cyber attack which then put the telco’s customers at risk.

“We are all very vulnerable and you and your organisation are as vulnerable as your weakest link. And that’s how we need to think about it. It is not the role of an IT organisation to protect us. It is each and every one of our roles to work out how to protect us,” Burns said.

He added that

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