The Broader Application of Pentesting Skills

Entering or advancing in an information security career requires an investment in training and certification. Whether you’re new to infosec or interested in transitioning from another industry, a few certifications are frequently recommended. We’re proud that one of those is our Offensive Security Certified Professional certification, or OSCP. 

The OSCP is based on penetration testing skills – but why take the foundational course, Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK/PEN-200), if you don’t plan to become a penetration tester?

The skills and mindset learned in PWK are applicable beyond penetration testing. Let’s look at the big picture, explore the different areas covered in the course, and see how a few key skills can apply to other roles in IT and information security. 

Learning vulnerabilities and exploitations

Successfully defending systems, networks, and applications requires not only an understanding of the tools an attacker could use, but how they use them. One of the big benefits of taking a course like PWK/PEN-200 is learning how attackers approach a challenge, how they evaluate it for vulnerabilities, and how they exploit those vulnerabilities. 

This in turn helps information security professionals think more broadly about how they respond. Even if you don’t want to become

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