The Complete Guide to IoT Security and What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

We might feel that technology plays an enormous role in our lives, always with our eyes on our phones or turning on the TV right after we got home – maybe even consider, in a certain way, that electronic gadgets are a part of our family, like Mildred from Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury’s famous dystopia. We must not forget, though, that although technology has had a huge contribution to the evolution of human civilization, our devices can also be seen as a source of possible threats, especially if they are connected to the Internet. This happens because Wi-Fi routers, Smart TVs, smart cameras, smart locks, smart lights, voice assistants, some medical devices or Internet-connected cars fall under the category of the so-called Internet of Things, and may very easily become the target of cybercriminals. 

What Is IoT Security? 

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the physical objects that are embedded with software, sensors and other technologies that allow them to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. 

Consequently, IoT security refers to all the measures we can take to ensure the (cyber)security of this kind of devices, while also keeping in mind the various dangers that

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