The Conti Group Still in Business Regardless of the Data Leak It Faced

Apparently, the Conti ransomware group is still operational and waging cyberattacks against victims worldwide, regardless of the fact that their activities had been previously leaked online.

Conti Still in the Cyber Game

To briefly go over Conti’s activities, the group is known as one of the most prolific ransomware groups of the past year, managing to encrypt networks of hospitals, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations in exchange for a large ransom payment.

According to ZDNet, many cybersecurity experts are of the opinion that Conti, like many other popular cybercriminal ransomware organizations, is based in Russia. Besides, members of Conti announced to come out in support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

However, soon afterward, the Conti leaks surfaced, naming members of the gang and publishing daily conversation logs, hiring processes, and other details about the group’s inner workings. Nevertheless, the public revelation of Conti’s behind-the-scenes actions appears to have had no effect on the gang.

In this sense, cybersecurity analysts at NCC Group have highlighted how cyber-attacks have continued after the releases about Conti’s activities in a recent report.

In February 2022, a Twitter account which uses the handle ‘ContiLeaks’, started to publicly release information for the operations

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