The Cybersecurity CIA Triad: What You Need to Know as a WordPress Site Owner

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One of the core concepts of cybersecurity is known as the CIA Triad. There are three pillars to the triad, with each pillar being designed to address an aspect of securing data. These three pillars are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

The Confidentiality pillar is intended to prevent unauthorized access to data, while the Integrity pillar ensures that data is only modified when and how it should be modified. Finally, the Availability pillar assures access to data when it is needed. When employed in unison, these three pillars work together to build an environment where data is properly protected from any type of attack, compromise, or mishap.

While managing a website may not always feel like a cybersecurity role, a crucial purpose of any website is to maintain data, which calls for the use of the CIA Triad. Managing a WordPress site is no exception to the need for the CIA Triad, even if you are not actively writing any code for the website.

As you build or update a website, it is important to keep the CIA Triad in mind when determining which plugins and functionality to include on the website. While user experience is often the main consideration, it

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