The Department of Justice Intends to Sue Contractors Who Don’t Report Cybersecurity Breaches

Yesterday, the Department of Justice declared is ready to take legal action against government contractors and other companies who receive U.S. government subventions if they don’t disclose cyber breaches of their systems or fail to comply with required cybersecurity guidelines.

This action provides the Department of Justice with the necessary power to address cybersecurity threats to personal data and critical systems, caused by federal agencies’ collaborators.

According to Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco, this approach allows the Department of Justice to go after federal contractors who decide to hide a breach incident or fail to meet cybersecurity standards and guidelines.

Well, that changes today. We are announcing today that we will use our civil enforcement tools to pursue companies, those who are government contractors who receive federal funds when they fail to follow required cybersecurity standards.


The initiative, which will be led by the Civil Division’s Commercial Litigation Branch’s Fraud Section, is a direct consequence of the department’s continuing comprehensive cyber analysis, which was requested by Deputy Attorney General Monaco in May 2021.

The review’s purpose is to develop actionable recommendations to strengthen and broaden the Justice Department’s cyber-security efforts.

The False Claims Act will be used by

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