The international surge to help keep Ukraine's frontlines connected

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Mar 24, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP

While the threat of a massive cyberattack wiping out Ukrainian infrastructure looms, network operators on the ground are dealing with a much more old-fashioned form of the devastations of war.

When occupying Russian forces began to fire in residential areas, Ukraine’s telecommunications infrastructure also took a hit. The nation has so far proven mostly resilient in keeping its cellular services online thanks to a customer-sharing agreement between the nation’s largest three providers and the diligent work of engineers repairing war-torn infrastructure in hot zones like Mauripol. But steady internet service on the front lines remains a challenge, especially when it comes to getting working equipment into the right hands.

“It became not about like actual cyber defense against attacks against the internet … but basically destroying infrastructure itself,” Vadym Gudyma, co-founder of Digital Security Lab Ukraine, told CyberScoop.

In non-war times, Digital Security Lab Ukraine focuses on helping human rights groups and journalists shore up their cyberdefenses. While the group has continued that work during the war, its members have increasingly found themselves helping out in other ways, including collecting supplies for refugees and even military service. In Gudyma’s case,

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