The modern workplace: Will remote tech workers tolerate being monitored?

Working remotely or working at the office? Choices for the modern workplace.

Photo: Tom Foremski

The Omicron surge has forced businesses to again delay a date for a return to the office. And that means a delay to an inevitable showdown: between workers and managers over remote or office-based work.

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To a degree, every business will have by now adapted to the reality of a hybrid workplace and the fact some staff will remain home-based while others will come back to the office. 

Any business that cannot offer a hybrid workplace will face problems in recruitment during this worker shortage. And problems in developing in-house, the skills of managing a modern workforce.


For work at home advocates the future looks rosy. With the current jobs boom it looks certain that they’ll get what they want – either at their current employer — or somewhere else. 

But will workers agree to allow their employer to monitor their home

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