The race towards renewable energy is creating new cybersecurity risks

The renewable energy industry is becoming more important as countries attempt to move away from fossil fuels, but the continued growth of the sector must be managed with cybersecurity in mind, or there’s the danger that vulnerabilities in everything from power plants down to smart meters could leave energy providers and their customers open to risk.

The energy industry is already a high-profile target for hackers, including those looking to deploy espionage campaignsransomware and even attacks with the intent to sabotage systems to cut off power – and the rapid transition towards renewable energy could lead to additional avenues for cyber criminals to exploit.  

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A new report by defence and security think tank the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) has outlined some of the top cyber risks during the transition towards renewable energy from fossil fuels.  

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“Renewables offer huge opportunities for the UK to become more self-sufficient in energy production whilst mitigating effects of climate change. This transition has to be taken with cybersecurity in mind, cognisant of future cyber threats to society due to the massive digitalisation of the sector,” said Sneha Dawda, research fellow in cybersecurity at RUSI. 

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