The Risks of Using Online Video Converter

Using an online video converter may be a quick way to get things done but it can be a privacy threat as well.

If you are a content creator who works with various video formats, you have to deal with videos every day in your life. And sometimes, due to the incompatibility between videos and devices, you may find that the video is unplayable somehow. Some free online video converter tools could help you resolve this problem easily. But are those tools safe enough for protecting your privacy?

When you’re using an online video converter, you’re actually uploading your videos to third-party servers, then after the conversion is completed, the converted version back to your computer. During the conversion, your videos are exposed to the website administrator, and at risk of being leaked. That doesn’t matter if you just use those online tools to convert some insignificant videos.

But if you’re using them to convert your private and confidential videos, then you’d better be much careful. After all, the site owner won’t take responsibility for your loss. If you read the privacy policy carefully, you may find that some online converters are collecting your IP addresses and personal

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