The Road to Net Zero: How Sustainability is Impacting IT

Carbon emissions are causing the earth to change in ways expected to have long-term and debilitating effects including rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and impacts to habitats and wildlife. Scientists caution it will only get worse if carbon emissions aren’t reduced.

As a result, national governments have started to state a goal of becoming net zero by 2050. In adherence to these common goals, many businesses also are undertaking net zero initiatives to drive their role in sustainability. “As governments move, companies move,” says Jonathan Holyoak, policy and Net Zero programme director at Atkins, a global engineering consultancy, during a session at CompTIA’s EMEA Member and Partner Conference in London

What Exactly Does Net Zero Mean for IT?

Net zero, or carbon neutrality, is a designation achieved by removing as much carbon emissions from the atmosphere equal to the amount that you put in it, thereby neutralizing the environmental effects of the CO2 released into the atmosphere. The concept may seem pretty straightforward, but the issue becomes far more complex from an IT lifecycle perspective.

For many, there is a perception that more technology equates to less environmental impact. After all, aren’t we using less paper and creating less

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