The Tenet Case: Are Hackers Targeting the Healthcare Industry?

Tenet Healthcare Corporation is an international healthcare services corporation with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. United Surgical Partners International, one of the company’s brands, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships, among which is United Surgical Partners, runs 65 hospitals and more than 450 healthcare institutions.

What Happened?

Recently, telephone service and some IT systems from at least two Tenet hospitals in the West Palm Beach area went offline.

Tenet stated that essential services had been restored to the greatest extent possible and that facilities that had been disrupted had “begun to resume regular operations.” The outage was just momentary, and hospitals were able to continue providing treatment by using backup systems.

Image Source: The Dallas Morning News

The nature of the event, as well as whether or not patient data was exposed, were not disclosed by the corporation. Tenet said that it had halted access to the vulnerable applications and had initiated an investigation, in addition to taking additional security measures to protect the network.

Efforts to restore impacted information technology operations continue to make important progress.


Healthcare as a Target

This is not the first cyberattack that targeted healthcare institutions. Last year we witnessed a surge in ransomware attacks

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