The Value of SubscriptionsBy Jim O’Gorman

We recently announced our new subscription products, Learn One and Learn Unlimited, and we are really excited about the response they have received. These subscription products represent a change from our traditional way of packaging and pricing our content. With these changes, we thought it would be helpful to provide more details about the Learn subscriptions, and the value they bring to our students.

A historical perspective Live Classroom

When OffSec first started, information security training classes were designed to be taught in a live classroom for five days. If you wanted that training but were unable to attend a live session, you could get MP3s of lessons to listen to, and some books to work through the material. If that wasn’t an option, some certifications had an open body of knowledge, and you could work toward them off of various books that covered the topics.

Online Training

But OffSec was different. We had a course delivery model that was optimized for the online experience.

The stand-alone courses we sold included content, lab time, and a single exam attempt in 30, 60, and 90-day increments. More lab time or more exam attempts

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