This hotel is using technology in a truly creepy way (but some will like it)

Can technology go too far in disturbing your peace?

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The trend is inevitable.

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And, as with so many trends, there’s pain too.

Business owners have embraced technology as the elixir that offers speed and money-saving. Which has led to their permissiveness of its invasiveness running rampant.

It’s not surveillance, many insist. It’s security.

Meanwhile, their customers are left wondering who’s guarding the guardians.

I wafted to this subject because of a tweet by a writer and drag queen. Joe Wadlington seemed excited that there was a new boutique hotel in the Castro district of San Francisco.

But then he perused the rules perpetrated by the hotel’s management company, Kasa. It insists on quiet hours between 9 pm and 8 am. One person’s quiet is another person’s having a lovely time.

So one section of Kasa’s rules offers: “Kasa apartments are proactively monitored for compliance with this noise policy.”

Few enjoy the concept of proactive monitoring. It smacks of proactive snooping.

Yet Kasa insists: “Decibel sensors notify the Company of sounds in the Kasa that exceed 75 decibels (dB). You hereby consent to the use of sound level monitoring.”

I can hear you grunting at a minimum of

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