Threat Source newsletter (March 31, 2022) — Is “Fortnite” a Metaverse?

By Jon Munshaw. 

imageWelcome to this week’s edition of the Threat Source newsletter. 

By now, anyone on the internet has pondered the question: “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” (My two cents: Yes, absolutely.) 

Now as we move into the new internet age and onto Web 3.0 and NFTs instead of classic memes, I’ve had another question stuck in my head: “Is Fortnite the Metaverse?” 

This came up again for me last week as we published new research into Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, examining what potential security pitfalls lie ahead, and how attackers are already using the Metaverse to spread spam and malware.  

My first introduction to the Metaverse was actually through video games and my dad asking me if he should mint his original artwork as an NFT without getting sued by Disney. I first started hearing about NFTs on various video game podcasts that I listen to, because every video game company was putting out some vague statement about how they were “looking into” getting into NFTs and the Metaverse because that’s what investors wanted to hear at the time.  

“Fortnite” was way ahead of EA and Ubisoft, though. The third-person shooter-turned-free-to-play-battle-royale became its own Metaverse

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