Threat Source newsletter (May 12, 2022) — Mandatory MFA adoption is great, but is it too late?

By Jon Munshaw. 

imageWelcome to this week’s edition of the Threat Source newsletter. 
Mandatory multi-factor authentication is all the rage nowadays. GitHub just announced that all contributors would have to enroll in MFA by 2023 to log into their accounts. And Google announced as part of World Password Day that it would soon be making MFA compulsory for all users.  
But is it too little, too late? 
Don’t get me wrong, MFA is one of the best first lines of defense for preventing a cyber attack or any other type of network intrusion. It comes up in pretty much every Talos blog post and Talos Takes episode I record.  
However, if we keep pushing off the deadline for making this step mandatory, it only gives attackers more time to catch up to us. Adversaries have already figured out ways to intercept MFA codes that are sent via SMS message, as. I talked about with Wendy Nather last year
And on the latest Beers with Talos episode, Nate Pors from Talos Incident Response talked about “prompt bombing” users, essentially annoying them to the point that they click “yes” on an MFA prompt and let a bad guy in.  
By the time

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