Threats Ride on the Covid-19 Vaccination Wave

Trend Micro -

The surge in numbers for specific countries are also noticeable, which begs the question, why are these countries being targeted? The US, for example, remains a top target with regard to using the vaccine as a lure. In this case, it is likely that the US is a target given its part in the cold chain, as two of the major vaccine manufacturers have headquarters there.

In Europe and Asia, France and Japan were the most heavily targeted with regard to malware threats and attacks. Looking at the number of attempts and targets, we think that highly anticipated events that are being advertised to proceed this year could be driving the focus of cybercriminals. Namely, these events are the French Open, Tour de France, Rugby World Cup, and the Olympics. Both countries have announced that spectators of and participants in these events are required to have proof of vaccination, such as vaccine passports. Moreover, as countries try to welcome tourists to push economies into recovery, both France and Japan have been the first to announce that all foreign visitors will be checked by new technologies that lessen contact with airport immigration officers, such as facial recognition and biometrics.

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