Three Ways that Global Conflicts Are Impacting Cybersecurity in the Business World

It’s been difficult and heart wrenching to follow the ongoing war in Ukraine—especially thinking of the lives of civilians lost and the damage that could take years to rebuild. Unfortunately, the implications of what’s happening there could also soon have more wide-reaching ramifications—everywhere.

The tech community, U.S. and international intelligence, law enforcement agencies, and other Western governments are warning of possible Russian attacks on Western targets. Many in the cybersecurity industry believe that President Putin and threat actors loyal to the Putin regime will retaliate for the sanctions and social isolation being levied against Russia, its businesses, and wealthy oligarchs—and that the retaliation will involve cyberattacks.

In the past two years, several of the most significant attacks on U.S. infrastructure, including Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods have been attributed to Russia-based threat actors. The BBC recently reported research done by Chainalysis that showed 74% of ransomware payments have gone to Russian-affiliated groups. Russian threat actors and government agencies are highly capable and should not be underestimated. As damage from sanctions and other major interdictions hit Russia hard, the likelihood of potential counterattacks only increases. 

Take Time to Review, Improve your Cyber Posture

It’s critical for managed service providers to improve our

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