Time to update: Google Chrome 102 arrives with 32 security fixes, one critical

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Google has released stable Chrome version 102 with 32 security fixes for browser on Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Chrome 102 for the desktop includes 32 security fixes reported to Google by external researchers. There’s one critical flaw, while eight are high severity, nine are medium severity, and seven are low severity. Google also creates other fixes for issues found through internal testing. Google says in a blogpost this release will be rolled out in the coming days.

Google I/O 2022

The critical flaw, labelled as CVE-2022-1853, is a ‘use after free in IndexedDB’, an interface for applications to store data in a user’s browser.    

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Google hasn’t provided details about the bug, but security firm Malwarebytes explains that the IndexedDB interface allows for the storage of large amounts of structured data, including files. Each IndexedDB is a database that is unique to an origin, such as a site domain or subdomain, where access should be restricted to that origin. 

“My guess is that an attacker could construct a specially crafted website and take over the visitor’s browser by manipulating the IndexedDB,”

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