Top 10 Common Types of Network Security Attacks Explained

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The risk of network security attacks is mounting as businesses transition to a remote work environment and embrace sophisticated technology.

The IT (Information Technology) and security professionals’ roles are also evolving rapidly. Most organizations entrust them to keep all network endpoints secure to prevent theft and damage.

With online shared resources for storing sensitive data and trade secrets gaining prominence, and data exchange moving to cloud infrastructure, the risks are enormous.

So, what are network threats? This article explains network attacks, the common types of network security threats and attacks to give you a better understanding.

Network Security Attacks Explained

Cyberattacks in the form of data theft, ransomware etc., can bring the operations of any organization to a halt. For instance, the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline on May 7, 2021, disrupted entire operations, and it is labeled as one of the most significant cyberattacks on American energy architects.

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