Top 19 tools for hardware hacking with Kali Linux

Hardware hacking is the modifying of electronics into a form that was not originally intended. This modifying of hardware affects the functionality, components enclosed within the hardware or even the behavior of the hardware equipment itself. These types of modifications allow hackers to compromise systems by simply plugging in modified or hacked devices or tools. These tools (some of which can be found in Kali Linux) then proceed to steal sensitive information or content such as credentials or even keystrokes. 

In this article, we shall look at the hardware and software tools found in Kali Linux that enable hardware hacking.

Overview of hardware hacking

Hardware hacking enables hackers to be able to exploit the normal functionality of common hardware into their desires. Normally, these actions are not expected by the manufacturer of the hardware equipment. Hackers are therefore able to use tools together with Kali Linux to extract data and information out of such hardware in environments. The following sections discuss some of the commonly used tools for hardware hacking.

Tools for hardware hacking

You can use these tools with your Kali Linux installation to modify the normal functionality of certain hardware devices that you have or can access.

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