Top 5 macOS Monterey Issues You Might Need to Fix

If you have recently started using macOS Monterey here are some of the issues and their solutions you need to be aware of.

Appleā€™s macOS Monterey was released recently and Mac users were excited to update their operating system and enjoy its new features. Some of its latest features are improved Safari, FaceTime, and the new Universal Control. Despite its wonderful features, macOS Monterey is not without issues.

Some users have reported installation issues, apps performance, and external mouse issues. These are common issues that you can easily fix without the need to call programming professional. Here are some of the issues and their fixes. 

Memory leak

One of the possible macOS Monterey issues is the Monterey app memory leak. It is a scenario where an app gets bugged and runs for a long time in the RAM and uses a lot of space. Eventually, users receive a low memory warning or an app is using too much RAM warning. 

This problem can be overly annoying because if the bugged-out application continues using too much memory, it affects the entire system and your Mac becomes slow. You cannot run other applications well because they will take a long to

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