Top 5 Technologies for Mitigating Insider Threats


The insider threat has been considered one of the most formidable threats within organizations in the recent years. Rogue and disgruntled employees getting their hands on sensitive information have led to significant losses for many organizations. Some employees unknowingly or unintentionally may also cause disruptions at the workplace affecting normal day-to-day operations.

In this article, we discuss the insider threat and how certain actions at the workplace might lead to information compromise. We’ll discuss the top technologies that can be implemented to mitigate such threats and conclude with discussing best practices that can be followed to ensure insider threats are best handled.

What is an Insider Threat?

An insider threat is an entity within the organization with authorized access to the organization’s systems and functions, but who has malicious intent. Such an insider can compromise sensitive information that should not be disclosed, and thus damage the organization.

Insider threats may be employees, third-party vendors, contractors and even partners. They are normally interested in intellectual property, client information, financial information, marketing information and national security information. This is a threat that, if not adequately addressed, can cripple the entire organization. It is therefore important to determine the challenges that

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