Top 50 Cybersecurity Statistics, Figures and Facts

Cybersecurity is an area of growing concern. The past couple of years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the variety and frequency of cyber threats and organizations are reporting more and more cybersecurity risks within their organizations. Businesses need to prepare their teams for enhanced data security and cybersecurity initiatives. Check out the following cybersecurity facts and statistics to understand the threat landscape for businesses.

Overview: Cybersecurity Trends to Watch For According to Microsoft, nearly 80% of nation-state attackers targeted government agencies, thinks tanks and other non-government organizations.Microsoft also reports that 58% of cyberattacks from nation states originated in Russia.The United States remains the most highly targeted country with 46% of global cyberattacks being directed towards Americans.Identity theft was up 42% in 2020, compared to 2019.Expect greater governance of cryptocurrencies in the coming years.Social media is likely to see enhanced oversight of information. Although healthcare wasn’t among the most targeted industries, security breaches cost the healthcare industry $6 trillion in 2020.More attacks on IoT are expected, making the internet of things an area of interest when it comes to cybersecurity.People will be paying extra attention to how they manage their personal data.According to PurpleSec, 98% of cybercrime rely on social

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