Top tools for mobile android assessments

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We are living in an era where digital transformation has a vital role in our lives. With this expansion, some objects have become indispensable in our life, including mobile devices.

Security assessments are composed of techniques and approaches that ensure systems, infrastructures, and applications’ security and resilience. The spectrum of an IT environment is huge, and it was enlarged in the last few years with the Internet of Things (IoT), which brought new devices into this field. In this sense, today, we are observing another part as a critical segment to secure: mobile application security.

Mobile security is seen as a critical component in any security plan, and so we now present the most popular tools to use when conducting a mobile Android assessment.

Top tools for Android assessments Android debug bridge (ADB)

ADB is part of the Android SDK, a command-line tool used to communicate with physical or virtual devices. This tool provides many features, such as installing and removing applications, debugging capabilities and backing and pulling data from the target device.

Some of the popular ADB commands are:

adb shell – launches a shell on the device

adb push <local> <remote> – pushes

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