Top tools for mobile iOS assessments

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The mobile landscape has become one of the main challenges for IT security teams from a security viewpoint in the last few years. With the digital evolution, a small device can access critical applications and sensitive data from organizations, with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) continuing to grow and create a new paradigm between the organizations and their employees. In this sense, the security and perimeter of risk of these devices should be properly managed. 

Top tools for iOS assessments Mobile security framework (MobSF)

MobSF is the short form to mobile security framework, and this is an automated framework to execute static and dynamic mobile assessments. This tool can perform tests under Android, iOS and Windows applications and find malicious content such as URLs, bad source-code, IP addresses, encrypted blocks and more. 

This framework is equipped with a REST API for integration with DevSecOps pipelines. MobSF is capable of performing runtime security assessments and interactive and instrumented tests using its built-in dynamic analyzer.


Frida toolkit

Frida is a toolkit designed to allow dynamic code instrumentation. This tool can inject custom JavaScript code into a process and modify its behavior in runtime.

By using Frida,

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