Trend Micro 2020 Annual Cybersecurity Report

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The global pandemic led to a dramatic transformation in the workforce. Organizations were tasked with the challenge of sustaining a year-round remote work setup and handling the major security issues associated with it.

Trend Micro’s 2020 Security Roundup reviews the most important cybersecurity stories, issues and trends that occurred during this unprecedented year. This annual report aims to equip cybersecurity leaders with valuable insights and tools that can inform cybersecurity strategies focused on both protecting and enabling the organization.

Ransomware attacks focus on prominent targets.

2020 saw ransomware operators focusing their efforts on high-value assets in industries hard hit by the pandemic, using sophisticated targeting methodologies in concert with proven attacks processes for maximum effect.

Enterprise supply chains continued to be the easiest avenue of compromise for ransomware, taking advantage of the fact that organizations often assume that the products and services offered by their partners are safe combined with an inability to check for threats within their extended supply chains.

Global pandemic causes major shifts in cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals took advantage of the global pandemic—launching Covid-19 based threats such as spam emails about symptoms or business email compromise (BEC) scams offering fake vaccines to extort personal and financial information from

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