Twitch hacked- Source code and Streamer payment figures leaked

Twitch has undergone a massive hack resulting in leaking the source code for its unreleased streaming service, creator payout details, and other sensitive information.

The attack was carried out by a group that has labeled the leaked data as “Part One,” which indicates more installments will be coming up soon. According to sources, Twitch is aware of the breach, but it hasn’t yet informed its users about it.

For your information, Twitch is an Amazon-owned live video streaming service that centers around live video game streaming and broadcasting of esports competitions. In September 2021, Twitch had over 8.07 million active streamers.

The ‘entirety of’ Hacked!

As seen by, a post was uploaded on the 4chan messaging forum where the hacker claims to release 125GB torrent, including the entirety of Twitch as well as its commit history.

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The leak is designed to create “disruption and competition” in the online video streaming industry, as per the poster. According to the hacker, the content of the data leak includes:

The entirety of, with comment history going back to its early beginning Mobile, desktop, and video

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