Ubisoft confirms Just Dance data breach amid developer exodus

Gaming giant Ubisoft has confirmed a cyberattack on its IT infrastructure targeting the popular game Just Dance. 

The company explained that the incident “was the result of a misconfiguration, that once identified, was quickly fixed, but made it possible for unauthorized individuals to access and possibly copy some personal player data.” 

Ubisoft did not respond to requests for comment about how many people were affected by the incident.

“The data in question was limited to ‘technical identifiers’ which include GamerTags, profile IDs, and Device IDs as well as Just Dance videos that were recorded and uploaded to be shared publicly with the in-game community and/or on your social media profiles,” the Just Dance team explained in a note on Ubisoft’s message board.  

“Our investigation has not shown that any Ubisoft account information has been compromised as a result of this incident.”

Anyone affected by the breach will receive an email from Ubisoft and will be given more information through the company’s support team. The team urged players to enable two-factor authentication and to reset any passwords.

Ubisoft added that it took “all the proactive measures necessary” to secure its infrastructure from future cyberattacks. 

Axios reported on Monday that Ubisoft has faced a wave

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