UK Firms Hit by One Attack Every 47 Seconds Over Summer

UK Firms Hit by One Attack Every 47 Seconds Over Summer

Cyber-attacks targeting UK firms are back on the increase, reaching a rate of one every 47 seconds over the summer, according to new data from Beaming.

The business ISP had noted a 9% year-on-year drop in the second quarter, but it now appears that was a temporary blip. Attacks increased 4% between July and September over the same period last year.

The firm claimed that this amounts to an average of 168,975 attacks per company in the third quarter or 1837 per day.

IoT applications and systems attracted the most compromise attempts, amounting to 162 per day, while attempts to breach web applications increased by 21% to reach 48 per day on average.

Beaming has been recording attack traffic patterns since 2016, and Q2’s decline was the first since 2018. However, that now seems to have been merely a slight interruption of the general upward trend in attacks.

Beaming managing director, Sonia Blizzard, urged companies to remain vigilant as they transition to new hybrid working practices.

“More people are accessing company data and IT systems via personal devices and unmanaged domestic internet connections, and more data is flowing

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