Ukraine Campaign Delivers Defacement and Wipers, in Continued Escalation

Authored by Nick Biasini and Chris Neal with Contributions from Dmytro Korzhevin.

Several cyber attacks against Ukrainian government websites — including website defacements and destructive wiper malware — have made headlines over the past few weeks as military tensions along the Russian/Ukrainian border have escalated. As a longtime intelligence partner and ally, Cisco Talos quickly responded to provide support, working with the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine (SSSCIP), the Cyberpolice Department of the National Police of Ukraine and the National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity (NCCC at the NSDC of Ukraine).

Based on our analysis of the wiper malware, dubbed WhisperGate, we identified the following key points:

While WhisperGate has some strategic similarities to the notorious NotPetya wiper that attacked Ukranian entities in 2017, including masquerading as ransomware and targeting and destroying the master boot record (MBR) instead of encrypting it, it notably has more components designed to inflict additional damage. We assess that attackers used stolen credentials in the campaign and they likely had access to the victim network for months before the attack, a typical characteristic of sophisticated advanced persistent threat (APT) operations. The multi-stage infection chain downloads a payload that wipes

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