Ukrainian Secret Service Arrested Hacker Helping Russian Troops

Ukraine’s SBU security service has confirmed arresting a hacker for allegedly aiding the Russian military and sending its troops information through mobile phone networks.

On Tuesday, March 15th the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) announced that authorities have detained a hacker on suspicion of offering technical assistance to the Russian troops invading Ukraine.

According to SBU, the hacker provided mobile communication services to the troops from Ukraine. The alleged hacker is accused of making thousands of phone calls to officials in Russia, including senior military officials.

Up to a thousand calls were made through this hacker in one day. Many of them are from the top leadership of the enemy army.

SBU Secret Service of Ukraine on Facebook announcing the arrest of the “hacker.” Hacker Asked Ukrainian Officials to Surrender

According to the SBU, the unnamed hacker broadcasted text messages to Ukrainian officials, including civil servants and security officers, suggesting they side with Russia and surrender.

The agency stated the suspect had been accused of routing incoming phone calls from Russia to Russian troops’ mobile phones in Ukraine. Authorities also seized the equipment used to route Ukrainian mobile phone traffic to networks in Russia.

Furthermore, the hacker passed instructions and

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