Ukrainian telecom hit with major disruption, its most severe since Russian invasion

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Mar 28, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP

One of Ukraine’s key internet service providers suffered a significant outage Monday, with observers noting a distinct drop in accessibility spanning multiple hours.

NetBlocks, a London-based internet accessibility advocacy group that monitors access around the world, tweeted Monday morning U.S. time that connectivity for Ukrtelecom dropped to 13% of pre-war levels as part of an “ongoing and intensifying nation-scale disruption to service, which is the most severe since the invasion by Russia.”

Isik Mater, the director of research at NetBlocks, told CyberScoop that the disruption is the most severe attack on the company — not all of Ukraine’s internet access — since the start of the invasion.

“But going by the public response it is also potentially the most impactful incident more generally,” she said, noting that the Ukrtelecom Facebook page was inundated with more than 1,000 complaints about connectivity.

A spokesperson for Ukrtelecom confirmed that the firm experienced “some major technical problems that affect [the] majority of our internet clients and minority of our fixed telephony clients.”

It’s not yet clear what’s behind the disruption. Although initial reports suggested a potential distributed denial-of-service attack — where

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