US Shutters Psychic Mass Mail Fraud

US Shutters Psychic Mass Mail Fraud

An international psychic mail fraud scheme that sold the promise of good fortune to tens of thousands of victims has been shut down by a United States court.

Earlier today, the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida entered a permanent injunction against three residents of France and two corporate defendants who had been carrying out the highly lucrative scheme.

According to a complaint, Robert Lhez, Mireille Dayer and Julie Poulleau, using Arcana Center, a company in Delaware, and a Swiss corporation named Partners VAD International Sàrl, mailed hundreds of thousands of solicitations to victims in the United States.

The mailouts were purportedly sent on behalf of companies or individuals offering psychic, clairvoyant, or astrological services. 

Individuals targeted by the scheme were told that they would come into some money soon if they paid an upfront fee. However, none of the victims who handed over their cash received any of the promised benefits.

"These solicitations were riddled with false and misleading statements that gave the false impression that in exchange for payment of a small fee, typically of $45 or $50, the individual recipient would come into good fortune resulting

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