Viasat’s Satellite Modems Wiped

In the field of computer security, a wiper is a kind of malware that is designed to erase (wipe) the hard drive of the computer that it infects, therefore intentionally erasing data and applications on the infected machine.

What Happened?

A newly found data wiper virus that wipes routers and modems was used in the hack on the KA-SAT satellite internet service on February 24 to delete SATCOM modems, impacting thousands of people in Ukraine and tens of thousands more throughout Europe, according to the FBI.

The virus, which researchers at SentinelOne have called AcidRain, is intended to brute-force device file names and delete any file it can locate in order to make it easier to re-use in future assaults, according to the researchers.

According to SentinelOne, this might indicate that the attackers are unfamiliar with the filesystem and firmware of the targeted devices, or that they are attempting to create a reusable tool.

AcidRain was discovered on March 15 after being uploaded to the VirusTotal malware analysis platform from an IP address in Italy as a 32-bit MIPS ELF binary with the filename “ukrop.” AcidRain is a variant of the AcidRain family of viruses.

AcidRain’s functionality is relatively

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