Want to boost you cybersecurity? Here are ten steps you can take to improve your defenses now

Ukraine was being hit by cyber-attacks well before Russia launched its invasion. DDoS attacks and wiper malware were among the cyber threats which targeted Ukrainian government ministries, banks, media and other services, but there are also other examples from recent history.

Ukraine Crisis

Russia has been accused of being behind attacks that took down Ukrainian power grids in December 2015, and it’s thought that the Russian military was also behind the widespread and disruptive NotPetya malware attack of June 2017. NotPetya was designed to target organisations in the Ukrainian financial, energy and government sectors, but the impact quickly spread to organisations around the world. 

And as the conflict continues, firms far from that geography have been urged to check their security posture. As NCSC CEO Lindy Cameron commented just a few days ago “Cyber attacks do not respect geographic boundaries” warning that cyber attacks that have international consequences – intentional or not. 

The NCSC has urged organisations to take action to secure their networks. And there are steps which can be taken – some of which are relatively simple – which can increase resilience against most any cyber attacks. 

1. Apply patches and security updates 

Applying patches and security updates to operating systems

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