Watch Out! RedLine Malware Steals Your Password from the Browser

If you’ve used to store your credentials in the browser, you might want to consider it twice! An information-stealing malware dubbed RedLine is targeting browsers like Chrome, Opera, or Microsoft Edge.

The researchers at AhnLab ASEC, who wrote a report about this, describe it as follows:

Redline Stealer is an infostealer that collects account credentials saved to web browsers, which first appeared on the Russian dark web in March 2020. A user under the name of REDGlade uploaded a promotional post explaining the various features included in Redline Stealer and selling the hacking tool for $150-$200.


How RedLine Works

As per BleepingComputer, RedLine targets a file called “Login Data” present on all Chromium-based web browsers. This represents basically an SQLite database that serves the purpose of credentials storage (username and password).

Even if users do not choose to store their credentials in the browser, an entry will still be added by the password management system that will point out that that certain website is “blacklisted”. Even if the hackers will not have access to the “blacklisted” account’s passwords, this will be a hint for them about the existence of such an account, meaning that they can decide to perform social

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